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The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast Interview

Enjoyed being a guest on The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast with Taylor Morgan discussing the future of business and CSR, how purpose and community engagement can transform your life and organization, how giving leads to GROWTH and creating your LEGACY, some of our secrets to success with cityCURRENT, and more.


Philanthropy is a life-changing mission. Not just for those getting help, but for those helping others. But do you have space in your life to give back?

If your answer is no, understand that you could be denying yourself incredible growth opportunities.

In one of my favorite interviews to date, I speak to Jeremy Park. The inspirational philanthropist, author, and Founder of cityCURRENT joined me to talk about why giving back can transform your life and help you leave a legacy you’re proud of.

Watch the episode to find out:

• The three ways that giving leads to growth

• What the future of business really is

• How to find your purpose and leave a lasting legacy

• Why it’s important to work with businesses that align with your values

• How cityCURRENT is doing good in the world through events, enrichment, and collaboration

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