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Giving for Growth eBook

Written by Jeremy C. Park

Knowing your purpose and how to leverage it can transform your life, career, and community.

Are you looking for greater purpose in life, struggling with how you or your organization can really make a difference? Are you seeking new ways to further your career or searching for ways to meet corporate leaders? Or, are you with a nonprofit and looking for proven ways to engage leaders, to align them with your efforts and generate support?

The key to achieving success in each of these scenarios can be found in strategically giving for GROWTH. Understanding how to leverage community engagement will allow you to become a SPARK and power the GOOD in way that benefits you, your family, your organization, and your community. Defining your purpose, understanding and leveraging all of your resources, aligning with the right organizations, creating a Community Calling Card, and ultimately serving others can both drive impact and an ROI on all levels. The best part is that it all be easy and fun, especially when you take some of things that you are already doing and give them a higher purpose.

Giving for Growth by Jeremy C. Park will inspire you and give you the tools to power the GOOD. He will help you define your purpose, then equip you with strategies and tactics that will transform you into a SPARK for your community, allowing you to stand out, build influential relationships, make an impact, achieve higher levels of success, and realize your dreams in a way that benefits others and leaves a lasting legacy!

Proceeds from Giving for Growth benefit youth literacy programs. Click below to purchase the eBook written by media producer and host, speaker and philanthropist, Jeremy C. Park, for only $4.99. 

Giving for Growth
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