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ChangeMakers Podcast

Hosted by Jeremy C. Park

ChangeMakers is a podcast focused on sharing the stories of individuals who are making a difference and leading by example to create change.

The show takes an in-depth look at their personal and professional lives, lessons learned, favorite advice and more.

Park created the show in 2017 and has been producing and hosting the show since its inception. Listen to the shows to the left and then watch below as media producer and host, Jeremy C. Park, interviews the ChangeMakers. 

ChangeMakers: Traci Schubert Barrett- How to Navigate the Journey & Find Significance Beyond Success
ChangeMakers Podcast Featuring Marcus Walker, Executive Director of Daily Bread Ministries
ChangeMakers Podcast featuring Matt Kripke, CEO of Kripke Enterprises, Inc. and Mid South Aluminum
ChangeMakers Podcast Interview with Justin Levy, Executive Director of Conscious Alliance
ChangeMakers: Nick Laparra - The Power of Less in a World of More
ChangeMakers Podcast Interview with Robin and Jason Hills
ChangeMakers Podcast Interview with Dr. Ajay G Doni, hosted by Jeremy C. Park
ChangeMakers Podcast Interview with Yancy Villa-Calvo and Jason Jackson
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