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In the landscape of community empowerment and social impact, Jeremy C. Park stands tall as a trailblazer, reshaping the way businesses engage with and contribute to their communities. As the CEO of cityCURRENT, Jeremy has spent over 15 years leading an organization that serves as a private, corporately-funded catalyst for positive change. His innovative approach to social entrepreneurialism, corporate social responsibility, and collective impact has garnered international recognition.

Jeremy emphasizes that the key to effective corporate social responsibility is to make it accessible and impactful, ensuring a positive return on investment for both the business and the community. According to him, "Whatever industry you're technically in, I believe we’re all in the TRUST business. As the saying goes, “The most expensive thing in this world is trust. It can take years to earn and only seconds to lose.” So, when it comes to building a solid foundation for success and how we've built cityCURRENT, we've focused on building trust." This emphasis on trust extends to both individuals and organizations, forming the bedrock of meaningful relationships in business and beyond. He articulates, "The CEO role is technically Chief Executive Officer but I view it just as much as Chief Encouragement Officer because I've found that a team quickly can take on the persona of a leader..."

One of cityCURRENT's unique initiatives is their e-learning platform, GROWTHcurrent, which provides subscribers with access to virtual events, learning modules, and exclusive content for personal and professional development. This platform not only enriches individuals but also fuels cityCURRENT's philanthropic efforts, creating a win-win scenario. Jeremy highlights, "GROWTHcurrent allows us to take our experiences and relationships in media, events, and philanthropy and share them with a global audience."

Jeremy’s approach to challenges and opportunities is deeply collaborative. Jeremy understands that complexities often require bringing together diverse groups with varying perspectives. This approach has been instrumental in overcoming obstacles and achieving shared visions. Jeremy asserts, "It is much easier to create a team-like environment where everyone is working together toward a shared vision for the future, when they have been included in creating that vision from the start and take full ownership of the outcome." ...

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