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Germantown Magazine Cover Story for Summer 2023 edition

"To me, the biggest piece of all this is: Are you going to allow yourself to get bogged down by the negatives that you see, or are you going to rise above it and say, 'I'm a community champion?' I feel like so much of this goes back to how you see yourself. And it's not a title; it's not a business card. It's questioning, 'What is my role in this world going to be?' And if you can flip that over to saying, I'm a spark. I'm here to power the good,' then everything changes," - Jeremy C. Park, CEO, cityCURRENT

The Summer 2023 issue of The Germantown Magazine in partnership with the City of Germantown and Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce is now out and cityCURRENT is honored to be the cover story sharing the GOOD that is going on across our region and at our signature speaker series events hosted at The Great Hall & Conference Center.

Read the issue here:

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